Entering unchartered and presumptuous territory


I’m setting up this blog for my amazing wife who I think should blog for the encouragement of her readers and for a cathartic escape from two boys under two… She’s an amazing combination of a beautiful heart, a brilliant mind, and unseen gifts that I’m privy to so much so that I’ve encouraged her towards this end. She’s a bit hesitant but nevertheless, here she goes. We pray that somehow your hearts and minds would be pushed to love Christ more as you read. A quick snapshot of her writings are a poem she wrote just recently that I will share with you…

The Strike

“We are going on strike,” my bones seem to say,

These hours are grueling, there’s not enough pay.

Motherhood demands more than I have each day.

The whining, the diapers, the waking at night,

The stubbornness that won’t yield, do what I might,

The tiredness tempts me to give up this fight.

Soul, speak to these bones, remind them what is true.

Though the days are quite long, the years are so few.

The Author of Life will surely sustain you.

Under that batman cape lives a little soul,

So don’t let the monotony take its full toll,

Rather keep striving so as to reach the goal.

Energy, laughter, tears; multiplied by two.

Two tiny souls I have entrusted to you.

All I command you, I promise I will do.

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