The Cake Catastrophe…My life!

Thomas Pre-Meltdown

Thomas Pre-Meltdown

Thomas Post-Meltdown

Thomas Post-Meltdown

The Birthday Wish!

The Birthday Wish!

I think a running and humorous theme in my life is, “I am not together, and when I try so hard to be, the bottom always drops out!”

Exhibit A: Ty’s Thomas the Train Party

Knowing we had a busy week with missionary friends visiting, a dear friend and her kiddos coming in from out of town, a Girl’s Night Out I was helping to plan, and an impending 2 year old birthday party, I thought and prayed and asked the Lord for energy and wisdom and grace! He gave these abundantly, but always likes to throw in a humbling twist. Imagine this, day before said birthday party, dear friend Kathleen and I attempting to make sugar cookies for girls night out while wrangling our 3 year old, 2 year old, and 2 8-month olds in the kitchen. All is going well, we preheat the oven, as per normal; however, on-top-of-it Aimee has already made and iced the semi-elaborate Thomas the Train cake for Tyus’ party. Where does one store a long train cake to keep it away from two little boys who are obsessed with Thomas? In my estimation, the oven was a great idea. And it would have been, had I not forgotten to take him out while preheating the oven. Oops!

The Masterpiece (not really, but pretty good for me!) Cake melted, along with the plastic tray that was holding him. Kathleen and I laughed hysterically as our boys were crying and commiserating with their favorite train Thomas, saying, “Oh, no! Momma, Thomas Hot; Thomas Hot! Sorry Thomas, I sorry Thomas.”

I knew he could be re-iced, but could not help but remember that this is the story of my life! Its almost as if the Lord always needs to humble me on the incredibly rare occasions that I have things in order and on time, as if to say, “Aimee, don’t try to be someone you are not! You should have just waited to the last minute. You operate better on the fly!”

Alas, Thomas was sent to “The Works” where he was repaired by a recently humbled worker. He arrived just on time to the party which was a hit! Mamie and Pop Pop bought rented a bounce house for the occasion. Who knew we would have a giant dragon bounce house set up in our backyard on what was quite possibly the hottest day of the year. Ty’s face lit up at the presence of all the people he loves most being at our house and even singing to him! We were reminded how inexplicably gracious God is to surround us with such faithful, fun-loving friends and family! Kiki even made Ty his very own Thomas costume, donned by mom for the party! We are blown away that God would care about such small things as a birthday party! We pray that  the Lord would continue to grant many more full years in Ty’s life and that Ty would become a true worshipper of the One who knit Him together and brought him to us on July 30, two short years ago!

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