‘Cubies and Whopples

I wish I had a photographic memory so I could remember every cute, silly, and precious thing the boys say throughout our day to day routine. Today, while talking about why daddies work, Ty said, “I don’t want to get bigger cubies I like how I am. I am a giant.” If you cannot tell from context clues, cubies is how Ty has been saying because for a few months now. I know that I should correct him because he is such a creature of habit (wonder who he gets that from?) and I can actually see him devastated to learn that he has to change the pronunciation of such a commonly used word; however, it is my favorite thing that he says. He says it with such authority, such seriousness. At the same time, it is incredibly convicting to listen to what they pick up on. When asking Ty to help me carry some groceries in(I sometimes forget that he is only 3, besides, it was the lightest bag!), he looked at me and calmly said, “Mom, I only have two hands.” Oops, guess I say that one a lot. Also I did not realize how often I must say, “I just cannot handle that right now!” until Ty said it approximately 3 times in a few days in reference to his inability and frustration at not being able to close the car door and his collapsing pillow fort that “Just couldn’t handle it!”

Eli, on the other hand, is not old enough to pick up on the poor habits of his mother (at least that is what I am telling myself!). He has quite the funny side, and we think he knows it. To this day, the child has not said his own name, though we know he knows it. He introduces himself, with a smirk, as “I’m daddy.” Then bats his eyes, laughs, and corrects himself, “No, I’m mommy. No I’m Ty Ty.” Similarly, Toby, his most prized Thomas the train friend, is called “Bowby,” though we know he knows that is wrong. He gets a kick out of it, and honestly, we do as well. His latest endearing phrases uttered immediately upon waking up from bed or a nap  while rubbing his eyes, “I eat ceweal” and it’s close companion, “I eat whopples.”

But by far my favorite these days with Eli is when we see an ambulance or fire truck or anything that even barely resembles them, and he shouts with such vehemence, “Pway” and continues to do so, nearly popping his veins, until someone prays. Lest you think he is too holy, I should also share that he has taken to “Pway for poo poo” while sitting on his potty.

It is beyond scary how much they pick up and is causing me to think in a whole new way that far more is caught than taught. I do pray that they would catch a love for the gospel and grace from my life and not just my idiosyncracies. Here’s praying!

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