New Sneaks and Iron Shoes

It is official that the boys are no longer babies. I know that I should have known that for quite some time now, but a recent event just really hammered the point home. We have been gently shoving Ty’s feet into his Sketcher sneakers (yes, I call them sneakers; no, I don’t care if you think that is uncool… I am confident) that we bought when they seemed huge for quite a few weeks now. Unwilling to be taken by a shoe company, I have been looking around semi-stalkingly at our favorite local thrift stores to find him a new used pair of shoes. In the midst of this attempt, I realized that if you are a mother of a girl and are looking for such shoes, you have an incredibly high chance of finding multiple precious, barely-used pairs at every store; if however, you are the mom of a toddler boy, you would probably have a better shot at winning the lottery than finding good shoes. So, while I was with Eli searching for these elusive sneakers at a thrift store, Ty and G were at Hibbett Sports picking out a brand new, “big boy” pair of shoes.

G’Joe has now won me to his side of the story: boys need to have good shoes; thus, we can splurge on shoes (splurge in our terms, that is!). I trusted that this must be true when I saw the great joy and confidence beaming both from my husband and my three-year-old as they showed me their prized purchase!

These shoes are HUGE! Ty is definitely not a baby. Sweet Eli, being the gracious second child, was equally pleased to now have official rights to the “stinky crocs” that once were Ty’s.

I did not get new shoes, but the Lord did teach me about shoes this week in Deuteronomy 33:24, the blessing of Asher by the Lord via Moses.  The Lord says, “Thou shalt have shoes of iron and brass; And as thy days, so shall thy strength be.”

This verse struck me as odd and fascinating enough to make me look up some sermons and commentaries on it. C.H. Spurgeon said that iron shoes are the peculiar provision from a peculiar God given to a peculiar people with a peculiar calling. I loved that! God does call us to live counter-culturally and counter to the flesh within us, which is an impossible task for us. He calls us to be pilgrims our whole lives long, He calls us to keep climbing to the higher places of fellowship and worship with Him, He calls us to be militant soldiers, fighting bravely and ruthlessly with our spiritual enemies, namely Self.

But he does give us what we need; He gives us iron shoes that can handle the roughest climb, the longest pilgrimage, the most persistent of enemies. He promises provision and strength in proportion. As our days will be, so shall be the strength, patience, perseverance, and holiness. He will give us what we need. we need only look to Him.

So, new sneakers, stinky crocs, and iron shoes it is for the Joseph’s this week. (G is still looking for the perfect boots on E-Bay, so don’t think we are ignoring him).

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