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Advertising Adulthood

The way we talk about adulthood flows directly from how we think about adulthood, and both of these matter significantly, not only for ourselves but also for the generations that are following on our heels and being raised in our homes. If newsfeeds and funny… Read More

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Memento Mommy

Many of history’s scholars kept a skull on their desks, as a reminder of the brevity of life. While As we live in an age of pithy self-esteem and positivity, these memento mori, as they were called, may seem morbid to our modern eyes and… Read More

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On Redundancy

Put your shoes on the shoe bench. Put your clothes all the way into the hamper. Brothers are our first best friends. Take it down a few notches.  If someone were to shadow me, the tally of times I say these phrases weekly and daily… Read More