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Plot 59

A life remembered for an Olympic platform ended in plot 59. On crude cross fashioned from repurposed scrap wood, shoe polish spelled out his name. Born and buried in two very different Chinas, Eric Liddell’s life ended in a prison camp, far from the athletic… Read More

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Limping Into Lent

Having grown up in Catholic schools, Lent was laced into my internal calendar, even if I had no real idea what it meant. I remember giving up chocolate or soda for Lent. While I wish I could say I gave them up because I understood… Read More

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Envy & Enough

Old habits die hard.  Having spent the greater part of 18 years garnering praise through performance and confidence through competition, my heart sometimes slips back into old ways. This past week, I found myself spending time with my dear old (very, very old) friends Miriam… Read More

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Divine Discontentment

Usually when we think of discontentment, it rides upon waves of negative connotations. However, discontentment can be both right and righteous when it refers to hungering for more of God: His presence, His ways, His Word. A holy hungering for more of Him, a desire… Read More

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My Minest Mine

“Our will alone is our ownest own, the only dear thing we can and ought really to sacrifice.” P. T. Forsyth I’d like to think that I have matured past the treasured toddler phrase, “Mine!”  Yet God loves me enough to continually uncover new areas… Read More

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Enthralled. Captivated. Entranced. Charmed. Fascinated. The Greek zogreo literally means to be captured alive and carries the same connotation as enthralled. This unique word is only used twice in the New Testament in two very different contexts. Enthralled Zogreo first appears in Luke’s gospel account… Read More