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Who Get’s Mom’s Best

Am. Have. Do. Suffer. (How Elisabeth Elliot Processed Life

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Effort Is Not the Opposite of Grace
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016  Grace does not mean the Christian life is easy.

Enough with ‘I Am Enough’
FEBRUARY 15, 2018  Sister, there is only one person who is “enough.” And it’s not you.

When You Are Called in the Act
FEBRUARY 11, 2016  My son wasn’t just caught in the act. He was called in the act. And I learned something profound.

Dissect Your Discouragement
JANUARY 18, 2018  Some deny their discouragement. Others let it dictate. Avoid both, since there’s a better way.

Primary Soul Care in an Urgent Care Culture
APRIL 7, 2016 Podcasts and blogs are necessary helps, but they must remain in their proper place—as secondary, not primary, pastoral care providers.

Hope for a Hurried Soul
JULY 25, 2017  His Spirit enables me to be still and still moving, to be busy in my outward life, yet unhurried in soul.

You Need Some Borrowed Clothes
JUNE 7, 2018 We don’t have to fix ourselves.

Fearful and Favored: An Advent Poem
DECEMBER 21, 2017  I’m so thankful for Mary’s example of living as a favored one.

Why You Can Embrace Disillusionment
MARCH 7, 2017  Whatever relational letdowns you face, you are not alone.