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A Year with Eli J

Yesterday was Jay Bird’s birthday, the big 01! He totally had no idea; in fact, Ty seemed to be more excited about Eli’s birthday than Eli himself (due in large part to the fact that we went as a family to the land of germs, Chuck E Cheese’s, to play after dinner). ┬áHonestly, the Chuck E. Cheese adventure brought great pleasure to G and Ty and great disgust to Eli and I, as Eli was totally in sensory overload, and I was totally sceeved out thinking about the children whose sweet, grubby little hands rub all over every square inch of that place! Alas, we survived the family adventure! On a more serious note, I have been blown away at how rapidly this past year with him flew by. It seemed like we noticed every time Ty blinked or moved his pinkie toe his first year; but life does not afford us that luxury with Eli. I wish that I could have slowed time down to notice more of the little ways Eli was changing over the past months. Yet at the same time, we treasure the times we do get to dote on him more than we ever could have with Ty. This is a little poem I wrote for the Jay bird for his birthday:

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