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She Said Yes

She said yes. My husband is about to officiate the wedding of two dear friends and gospel coworkers. We are officially at the age and stage when we no longer fit as groomsmen or  bridesmaid or even matrons. And I am so thankful.  Our new… Read More

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On Hospitality

I have a love/hate relationship with hospitality. Had I known my future, I most assuredly would have chosen a degree in the Hospitality or Event Planning department; however, being an ambitious nerd, I chose Biology and English. These degrees suit my inner self well, in… Read More

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Weeping and Sleeping

Shepherds weep, but they also sleep. I am wrapping up a study of 1 Peter, a letter written by an aging Peter to a scattered flock of Asian believers undergoing intense persecution under the emperor Nero. Throughout the entire letter,  an attentive reader can hear… Read More

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I Thirst

Jesus uttered seven phrases from the Cross. “I thirst” is unique to John’s gospel. As I studied this phrase in the context of John’s particular gospel account, it came alive. John’s gospel was written with a clear two-pronged thesis: to show that Jesus Christ was God… Read More

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Fleet Feet

No, it’s not what you think. I am no longer a fast runner, unless I am running  to my morning coffee before carline. While I used to run fast and far, I now prefer to walk my dog in a much smaller loop. Yet, I… Read More

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If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk, mine might say, “Scrub me!” Perhaps, they might shout out to my three constantly climbing, bare-footed children, “Stop putting your dirty feet on me!” For some strange reason, I found myself thinking about what the Apostle Peter’s house might share if… Read More