The Joseph Superheroes

Ty is just now getting into the testosterone-laden phase where he likes to become different superheroes and run through the house. I know this because I hear him “Powing” things from the other room and also because I have to dress Ty man in his Batman pajamas with the “cate” (or cape as referred to by most of the population). G and I both have been loving this new imaginative phase, and Eli seems to enjoy watching it as well, until he gets a good “Pow” from his superhero brother. Although, we don’t feel too badly for the J man, because he holds his own quite well. This is a little poem I wrote about them the other morning after I watched Ty sharing his beloved cereal with Eli who was patiently waiting for his brother to put each little piece in his mouth. Obviously, these actions are highly uncharacteristic of our little men… and they got me thinking…

Our Superheroes

Hailing straight from the red Planet Picky,

In our home Captain Cereal himself resides.

Nourishing this tiny hero is quite tricky,

As he’ll eat cereal and nothing besides!

For him, it’s cereal and “milt” morning, noon, and night

His superpower is resistance to anything else on his plate.

To earthlings his eating habits often cause deep fright,

But he claims his limited diet is what makes him great!

As it were, another superhero takes the Joseph name,

The Hoover left Planet Piggy and ended up joining us.

Eating twice his weight in food is his claim to fame,

And if you don’t feed him, he causes quite a fuss!

Our heroes dwell in harmony as a general rule,

But “dadda’s cereal” their peace will disturb.

Over such a delicacy the heroes are known to duel

Until mom steps in, their superpowers to curb.

Just this morning I witnessed a cosmic meeting

Between the Captain and The Hoover on the floor.

For some cereal the younger waited without cheating

While Captain Cereal generously offered him more!

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