Potty training or Puppy Training?

Seriously, the stories that we have concerning the topic of poop astounds me! I am not sure if this is the norm for parenting, or if Ty just has an affinity for hysterical bathroom stories; either way, they are worth mentioning, if only for the fact that I don’t want to forget them as the years fly by! We need some material for future rehearsal dinners and such! I will briefly describe out Top Two Toilet Trauma Stories! (And to Ty’s credit, he is awesome at potty training; its just that when he has an accident, he has an accident!)

1. Consignment Conundrum… Not sure what I was thinking this day, but upon waking Eli’s waking up from his morning nap, I had the brilliant idea of taking both the boys to a kiddie consignment sale. Not being a veteran of these chaotic events, I had no idea what a poor idea that was; I quickly found out! I forgot the double stroller (not wise) and so I was letting Tyus walk (also not wise) while I pushed Eli in the single stroller.  Ty and I made the deal that he could sit on the long line of tot bikes while I dug through a bin of tiny baseball hats. I mean, I just NEEDED that baseball hat that we have only worn once. Well, while I was just a-digging away with Eli, Ty disappeared behind some pack n plays. I caught a glimpse of him walking a little funny and thought, “hmmm… that is never a good sign.” By the time I got to the little man, I discovered 4 to 5 puddles of poop on the floor. It seems Ty had a tummy ache and the cloth diaper just wasn’t having it! So here I am with an embarrassed, sick little boy, a huge mess, a little 9 month old, and a pack of calm mothers sans babies all around. Awesome! Praise God a friend was there and distracted Eli J with Cheerios (maybe my only wise move all day…I did have those!) while I cleaned up the floor and took care of Ty man. I got to the car with the stupid baseball hat and an Emily train to help appease my poor Ty. Never again.

2. Ty loves to be neat; aka, he gets a little more than a little upset when he is “messy.” Ty is also awesome about going to potty normally and loves privacy. Thus, when he says, “shut door, mommy,” I tend to do so. I came to check on Ty a few minutes later only to find him squatting on the countertop (that is right, the countertop) with a few little piles of poop on the counter itself! Seriously, how did that happen?  Its hard to get the story from a 2 year old, but from what I could gather (I never knew mothers were also supposed to be gifted detectives!), Ty had thought he was done, climbed from the toilet onto the counter, began to wash his hands, and was surprised with his own abundance! We laughed pretty hard  (after cleaning up, of course!) and Ty kept saying, “We no poo poo on counter, we poo poo on potty!” Unreal.

All that being said, we are crazy proud of Ty man and cannot believe that parenthood causes an otherwise private couple to want to share their embarrassing moments in hopes that others will learn from them and avoid such toilet trauma.

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