Right Desire, Wrong Tree

Where Eve strayed, Jesus stayed. Both were directly tempted by Satan to take matters into their own hands rather than trusting God. Where Eve said, “Yeah, I’ll take it,” Jesus said, “No, I’ll wait.” Where Eve said, “I’ll get my own,” Jesus said, “Whatever He gives I will take.”

Today I found myself back in the garden with Eve, listening to the lies of a crafty serpent. While there was no actual slithering snake, the lies were clearly his craftiness, bearing the distinctive mark of the Father of lies. “You have to look out for yourself, go secure life and blessings on your own; with all this looking out for others, you will be lost in the shuffle; if you want something in this world, you have to make it happen.”


God was so gracious to take me from one tree, the tree in the Garden of Eden, to another, the tree upon which Christ died. By His Spirit, He graciously reminded me that He alone is the tree of life, that He alone is the bread of life. He reminded me that He was the better Eve, the one who withstood the temptations that Eve fell for in that fateful bite.

He reminded me that my deep hungers for satisfaction and purpose and significance were not in and of themselves wrong; He gently showed me that I was taking those desires to the wrong tree. This is a poem describing my experience with Him today.

Right Desire, Wrong Tree

There you are again, my girl,
Back in the garden with Eve,
Wondering if I withhold,
Toying with if to leave.

To leave the safety
I set our for thee
For the greener grass
Of what may be.

The serpent’s questions
Slithering into your soul:
Will He freely supply
All to make you whole?

It’s just a bite,
Just a teeny taste.
You can wait on Him
Or take post haste.

The web of luring lies,
Stronger with each strand,
Begins to swallow truth
Until I reach out my hand.

A scarred hand reaches
Through the sticky lies,
Grabbing your gaze,
Refocusing your eyes.

My child, my girl, can’t you see
Your eyes are on the wrong tree?
You keep looking round about,
But life is found looking at Me.

Eve’s bite left a poison
She passed on to thee.
But I took all the poison,
Had it poured onto me.

Leave the tree of temptation:
Its lures, its lies, its strife.
Run back to me, my girl,
For I am the tree of life.

Bring that deep hunger
For satisfying life to me.
Right desire, wrong tree.
Bring your hunger to me.



1 thought on “Right Desire, Wrong Tree

  1. Sonia

    What a beautiful poem and such a poignant comparison, between Eve’s decision that brought death and the life giving decision of Christ. It opened my eyes to something new! Thank you for sharing.


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