Inviting Inspection

Selling a home is stressful. We are not going anywhere, but it seems that all our friends are moving simultaneously. Just watching them walk through the process, I have been experiencing flashbacks to the sales of previous homes.

The purging, the staging and the showings. The offers and counter-offers. Even when you have the buyer all lined up, you still have that one last obstacle: the inspections. Cue nervous knots in the stomach. What will they find? How old are our pipes again? Will we have to pay a million dollars of mold remediation? Will the buyers pull out?

Today, as I was sitting down to spend time with the Lord, I recognized that I had similar nervous knots in my stomach. Studying the Word and coming into the light of the Lord’s presence necessitates exposure and inspection, both of which can be terribly uncomfortable.

What enables us to not only allow, but even excitedly invite such exposure?

How does David pray the searching prayer of Psalm 139:23 and 24?
Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grevious way in  me, and lead me in the way everlasting!” 

The context of the searching prayer gives us a clue. Throughout the entirety of Psalm 139, we see David’s deep understanding of the pursuing, powerful love of God. Because God is a Creator and owner intimately involved in the lives of His children, David trusts His searching gaze.

In the real estate world, sale is contingent on inspection; however, it is not so in the Christian reality.  Christ gave His life to purchase the messy manors of His children. The deal was closed on the Cross and confirmed in the Resurrection.  Thus, His careful and regular inspection of our souls is not to be feared.

A Messy Manor

Rusted pipes and rotten places,
An insidious infestation of lies.
Pretty paint cannot hide dents,
No matter how hard it tries.

You resist my inspection,
In fear of what I’ll find.
But you forget, dear child,
The contract has been signed.

You are a purchased parcel,
A dwelling in which I delight.
So lay down your defenses,
Please put away your fright.

Each fault my light uncovers
My love will fully repair.
Your list of full disclosure
You may confidently share.

My little mess of a manor,
My chosen dwelling place,
Your deepest, darkest flaws
The covenant will not erase.

Let me open up your walls,
And dig below the surface,
For all my painful probing
Serves an eternal purpose.

I bought you “As Is,” child,
But cannot leave you there.
Once bought at infinite price,
Now kept with intricate care.

Make my soul a holy home,
A fit dwelling of love divine;
Come, my rightful owner,
Your exposing light shine. 



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