The Nectar of Nature

The old proverb “It is better to know one mountain than climb many” allows me to sigh in relief. Long trips to majestic mountains or exotic places are neither in our budget nor our foreseeable future. We barely leave a 30 mile radius of our house. Yet, nestled right in the middle of our normal life, there is a mountain (of sorts) that I know.


When life gets loud or my soul feels cramped and crowded by the mundane, I flee five minutes down the road to our regional park. It’s not Yosemite or the Grannd Tetons, yet Lord never fails to meet me there.

Though the park is mostly compromised of chaparral and rocky ground, subtle beauty surrounds me there. Tiny wildflowers unseen by most remind me that God sees and enjoys that which is unnoticed by humans. Gently moving streams follow their courses, reminding me of the One who holds and directs human heart like water courses (Proverbs 21:21).

Israel constantly used the topography, flora and fauna specific to her to remind her of eternal truths. As the mountains surround Jerusalem so the Lord surrounds His people from this time forth and forevermore (Psalm 125:2). 

Jesus constantly pointed His followers to learn lessons from their local world in agrarian parables and reminders in the Sermon on the Mount to remember the lilies and study the sparrows.

Nature is a nectar that the Lord can graciously use to nourish His children. To be certain, this is no disembodied Mother Nature experience but a chance to see through the creation back to the Creator.


A little sip goes a long way for my soul.  This week, the Lord used simple songbirds to administer His eternal truths to my soul.

I may not be traveling to the far reaches of the globe or climbing impressive mountains, but I have an opportunity to know, see and learn from the place where He has put me. To know this mountain Is yet another invitation to remember and enjoy the One who made all mountains.

The Scrub Jay’s Scold

I saw a Scrub Jay this morning,
His ease scolded me, “Relax!”
“The creator loves to provide,”
Chirped he with a beak of flax.

Crackling lies were quieted
By songbirds’ playful chatter;
“Ignore the loudest voices;
Hear the One that matters.”

Again, He uses lower creation
To keep in check the higher.
Again, by aerie avian wings,
He lifts me from my mire.

If His eye is on each sparrow,
If He knows each hidden nest,
Then you, His precious child,
In His providence can rest.

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