Behold Your King!

The hedges are humming, the SoCal super bloom is stunning because Spring is coming.

After several weeks of uncharacteristic rains (enough to end a 7-year draught), Spring is in the air in San Diego. Everywhere I look, I see birds crookedly flying, proudly carrying large twigs or strings to add to burgeoning nests.

It is with great joy that my heart is welcoming Spring this year, as it is providing a physical type of the rebirth that comes only through Christ. If I had a red carpet, I would roll it out to welcome this new season with its brave blossoms and fledgling flyers.

We gladly welcome and receive the Spring, and we similarly began receiving our Savior in the Triumphal Entry; only our welcome did not last long. Our shouts of Hosanna were traded for horrible jeers.

The venerable King became vulnerable for us. Oh, how this ought to bring us far more wonder than the onset of Spring!

Behold Your King!

Come now, hopeful crowds, 
Your palm branches sway.
Throw your cloaks His way.
              The Valuable Venerable,
              The Revered Royalty:
Behold your King!

Go then, crazed crowds,
Stop your voices raising,
Halt your horrible hazing.
          The Vulnerable Venerable,
          The Ravaged Royalty:
Behold your King!

Come now, weeping women,
Lay your anointing oils aside.
Touch His hands and His side.
         The Vivified Venerable,
         The Risen Royalty:
Behold your King!

He comes, pallor pilgrims,
Your wanderings will cease.
He will bring the final peace.
           The Victorious Venerable,
           The Returning Royalty:
Behold your King!

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