When Glory Became Granular

All our lives are hidden in the life of an infant born in a nowhere town. Our salvation was swaddled up with a baby and laid in a feeding trough. Our fear of death was neatly folded and discarded with his grave clothes. Our hope rose with Him as he returned home to father. Our future will be secured with his second coming. 

When Glory Became Granular

When glory became granular
And omnipresence particular;
When the unapproachable
Bent to be perpendicular.

When perfection was pierced
And Holiness Himself hounded;
When right reward was traded,
For a curse long-compounded.

When death was decimated
And sinners’ salvation secured.
When life itself was liberated
Through His righteous reward.

When Holiness came home
And the Heir took the throne.
When the fecund Father
Welcomed back His Own.

When the Victor revisits
And the children renamed.
The kingdom consummated
And the garden reclaimed.

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