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Jarred by Jude

Jude, a tiny novella of a New Testament book, is bookended by beauty.  The short but urgent letter opens and closes with prayers and phrases with which one would gladly decorate one’s home. To those who are called, beloved in God the Father and kept… Read More

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Stilling Stormy Souls

At times my soul gently sits like Lake Placid; at other times, it is more easily stirred and stormy than a wave pool at a water park.  Thankfully, over the years, the Lord has taught me how to approach an agitated soul with His hushing… Read More

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Lending to the Lord

It is a strange concept to imagine a millionaire borrowing a small purse of money from an average customer or the owner of a car dealership borrowing a car from a friend. Yet, in the gospel accounts we see three times when the Lord had… Read More

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Surviving Prosperity

While it is easy to recognize the test of adversity, it is more challenging to label prosperity as a test.  In adversity, one must cling to the Lord despite the loss of earthly blessings; in prosperity, one must anchor oneself into the Giver rather than… Read More

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Piercing Productivity

Productivity and fruitfulness are not always the same thing. In fact, one can be incredibly productive without being fruitful in the Biblical sense of the term. Postured to Produce The First world is as obsessed with productivity as the Third world, only for immensely different… Read More

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When Fortresses Fall

Our family has arrived in Texas for Campus Outreach’s annual New Year’s Conference. We have purchased enough travel boxes of sugared cereal to feed a small nation. We have coffee enough to fuel us through five sleep-anemic days. I have attempted to make the hotel… Read More

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The Habits of Hope

Everyone knew where to find them. After all, they had been daily perched in their particular haunts for hope with the regularity of sentinels. They had little in common, as one was an aged prophetess, long ago widowed,  and the other a blind beggar; however,… Read More

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On Eulogies and Eucharist

Nothing says Christmas cheer like reading a collection of eulogies, right?  Reading eulogies so powerfully laced with levity and gravity has actually rung a surprisingly sweet, though sobering note for me this Advent season. In her collection The Book of Eulogies, Phyllis Theroux writes the… Read More

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When the Countdown Continues

Humanity, it seems, loves a countdown. Sports fans count down the days until the next big game. Music-lovers count down the days to their favorite artists’ new release. Children innately countdown sleeps until birthdays. As an unabashed lover of all things Advent, we have various countdowns… Read More