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Ancient yet New

Stale. Bland. Perfunctory. If I am honest, my time with the Lord for the past week has felt like the oatmeal that made you roll your eyes every morning when it greeted you for breakfast. To be clear, the fault lies not in the gospel,… Read More

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Bury the Boat

While the only things I have experience burying are my children in sand and a dead guinea pig, I have found myself praying that I would learn to bury the boat. Allow me to explain. Columba was an Irish abbot who left His native Ireland… Read More

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On Emptiness & Fullness

We experience emptiness only to the degree that we have experienced fullness. Naomi, whose relational cup had been filled with a husband and two sons, felt bereft and empty when she lost all three (thus her temporary name change to Mara meaning bitter).  To the… Read More

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Strengthened to Stay

Sometimes a slow, incremental exertion is harder to achieve and maintain than a sudden burst of strength. My mother-in-law being daily empowered to care for her ailing husband is not as exciting in the world’s eyes as someone receiving a burst of dramatic strength to… Read More

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An Amenable Arrow

Arrows are not in charge. They are tools at the disposal of the archer in whose possession they exist. They are to be content and amenable to the will of the archer. He who carries them constantly in his quiver decides when they are needed… Read More

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Yadah, Yadah, Yadah

Not the yada, yada, yada usually accompanied by an eye-roll and following a long list. A different one. A far better one. Yadah is a Hebrew word that occurs 114 times in the Old Testament. While it is often translated as to praise or to… Read More