A Haven

We have been here in San Diego for two weeks now which is pretty crazy to believe. Going from Extended Stay America (from which our children didn’t want to leave because in their words “we get breakfast every morning in the hobby lobby”) to a family’s beautiful home was definitely a step up.

This home is cozy and well-thought through, the best of west elm and pottery barn, and it has been a sweet place to be while the gracious owners are on vacation. The boys love the hot tub (don’t worry we don’t let them stay in too long!), and proudly wear their Lego star wars bathing suits thought they are 2 sizes too large and as long as pants.

But the owners come home tomorrow and we have yet to close on our home.
We did go by and see it again today, and as always when you buy a house (or are about to buy a house) we saw a hundred things we wanted to do. The problem is that we can’t possibly do all of those things for lack of time and money. I left feeling discouraged.

But the discouragement got me thinking about what a home is supposed to be anyway. What the discouragement revealed is that somewhere in my heart, I want my home to be a little slice of heaven. Yoi know, perfect like the magazines. Craftsmen cabinets, granite countertops, a huge deck, beautiful hardwoods and classy elegant, perfectly coordinated furniture.
But that’s not what makes a home (not that we wouldn’t like those things or anything is wrong with them. They just aren’t necessary to making a home).

We long for our home to be a haven, not heaven. A haven is a harbor, an anchorage, a port. A haven is a place of safety and security, a rest along the way.

We pray that any and every home we ever own will serve as a place of refuge and safety for our family and friends and strangers along the way.

If our home is to be a haven, not heaven, that changes everything. In light of that, a green-tiled bathroom, an awkwardly-shaped kitchen, and
outdated appliances and cabinets are more than do-able. They won’t make or break a home, so long within our four walls there is the love and peace and grace that flow from Christ.

So here’s to our unofficially-ours, outdated house in SoCal with an awesome view. Here’s to a God who provides for His children. And here’s to the coming day, which will be both haven and heaven.


1 thought on “A Haven

  1. Rachel Baxter

    Love this, such true words! You home will surely be a haven and knowing G’ he will take a wack at trying to make it “heaven” with his carpentry skills, Lol! Hoping the house will close really soon and you can start settling into is. Love you guys! Happy Birthday G’JOE!!


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