Makarios. This is the word that has been running through my mind and heart for the past week and a half. And while we do love to make up nonsensical words around here, I promise I have not made up a word. Makarios is the Greek word used by the writers of the New Testament for the word translated “Blessed” into English. Part of me wishes I was Greek, not only becaue could live off of Greek salads and yogurt for the rest of my life, but also because the language has such richness.

The literal translation of Makarios is to make long or to make large, the idea being to extend. The idea is that God is extending, stretching out His goodness and mercy and benefits to bless us. To be blessed, then, is to be a recipient of His favor, to be on the receiving end of His grace that stretches down to us.

After a year of waiting and praying and worrying about how we would sell, pack, buy, and settle a house, I am sitting in a house in San Diego typing this post. Makarios. We have been blessed. God’s favor has so clearly stretched down and extended to us, not because we are awesome and have been so patient and awesome in the process (believe me, we have not been), but because He loves to enlarge His grace to reach us.

Mararios because in God’s perfect timing, the day we closed on our house, 20 college students from the Southeast were here to spend hours unloading a truck and unpacking boxes and cleaning some gnarly cabinets. Makarios because God moved us into a Church family where we already have sweet friends and people to do life with. Makarios because we have such a great team of staff guys and girls. Makarios because every night, I can look out a huge window that overlooks part of San Diego and be reminded why we moved out here: to see God change this city into more of what He intended it to be.

To say that I have been giddy is an understatement. I am just blown away and humbled that God does and provides good gifts to His children just because.



1 thought on “Makarios

  1. Rachel

    Beautiful Amy!! We are so very happy for you guys! You put into words so much of what we have felt in our transition as well! Praying for you guys and for San Diego!!!


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