The Loveliest Lie

People love to call God’s bluff, always have and always will. It started with a Serpent who planted the seeds of distrust, saying to our forebears, “Did God really say…?” and has continued ever since.

Did God really say to worship Him alone? Did God really say there is but one way to the Father? Did God really say to turn the other cheek? To love those who hate us? To be holy as He holy? That He would rise again?

For the myriad of ways humanity accuses Him, our gracious Heavenly Father has a myriad of ways to prove time and time again that He speaks the truth, that He Himself is the truth.

God is accused of so many things, but there is only one account on which I think He could be called a liar. And it is the loveliest of lies.

After He looked around on humanity in Noah’s time and saw that the inclination of humanity’s collective heart was only evil all the time, He flooded the earth. You know the story… crazy Noah builds a boat in the middle of the dessert…two by two the animals come on…the rainbow. Then and there God promised to never flood the earth again.

But He did flood the earth again. Only this time, He flooded the earth with the grace and forgiveness and love that was purchased by the sinless one on the Cross. He looked round about a world just like Noah’s with the same flaws and failings. This time He flooded the world with Himself. And the world has never been the same.


He promised to never flood the earth again.

He Lied.

Wave upon wave of love rolls in, an assault of grace.

His Tide.

Wickedness and evil: the status quo since Noah’s time.

The Grime.

The deluge of punishment God emptied on His son.

The Crime.

His son was swept into the gutter of the earth.

Twas Hell. 

On a swell of mercy, He rose to make all things new.

‘Tis Well. 

He is Risen with Healing in His wings. He Himself is our Hope. Happy Easter, indeed!

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