A Responsive Life

Being a free agent can be both more challenging and more rewarding than it appears.


In a world of full agendas, forceful initiatives and frightful busyness, we need free agents, those who have the time, space and energy to respond.

The desire to be flexible and available means that, as a wife and mother, I play a more responsive role than I would have chosen for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I make plans and routines. However, they are often changed based on the needs of the moment in the lives of those around me.

A kiddo with a tummy ache; a friend who needs a babysitter; a husband who needs someone with whom to verbally process life and calling; a pantry that was suddenly emptied by extra guests at dinner; a student who needs a place to cry and escape the pace of college life.

There are days when this responsive life feels both full and fulfilling. There are also days when I feel like…

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