A Dignified Derivative

Humans are quite the connudrum.  We have the capacity to be uniquely dignified by use of our higher reasoning skills and self-consciousness. Yet, we are simultaneoulsy derivative, made and kept by God the Creator.

Borrowing from the words of David in Psalm 8, God has made man “a little lower than than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.” If you are unsure of the potential dignity and brilliance of mankind, simply walk around your house full of appliances or stop for a moment the next time you are in an airplane for a quick reminder.


Man has the incredible potential for greatness, a fact that historic humanity seems to have easily abused. As early as the Tower of Babel, we have seen humans attempting to use their intelligence and unique position in Creation to make a name for themselves, to work their way up to or beyond God.

But unsinkable ships sink and megalomaniacs and tryants die, because man is not the end all be all, as much as we would like to be. Mankind is derivative, created and subordinate to the God and the laws He has set in play in the universe.

Derivative and dignified: it is a both/ and rather than an either/or. Mankind seems to thrive when both truths are held in tension.

A Dignified Derivative

Flying in a metal bird
Powered by propulsion,
I envy careening clouds’
Free and flowing motion.

Noble Nobel winners
Rightly win our praise.
But You are their source,
O Ancient of Days.

In slivers, with shivers
We explore this globe;
Into myriad mysteries
We have yet to probe.

Dignified and derivative,
You’ve made humanity.
Thus we are most humane
As we stand in awe of thee.

What God has wed as one,
We should not rip asunder.
Science and sincere faith:
Lightning with its thunder.

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