A Curious Kurios

Curious: strange, odd, unexpected, incongruous.
Kurios: Greek word for Lord, master, a person exercising absolute ownership rights.

Throughout his days on our strange sphere, those who encountered Him and His manner of life often innately gave Jesus the title of “kurios.” They seemed to recognize that He was a man of authority in every arena of life. Yet, Jesus was a curious kurios, as He was quite unlike like his contemporaries under the same title. They often used their title as an easy chair and a reason to be served; yet, Christ’s title compelled Him not to be served, but to serve, not to receive bribes but to give His very life as a ransom for many.

A Curious Kurios

He is a curious kurios who
Treasures mite over might.
The Heir of the throne
Leaving Heaven’s height.

He is a curious kurios who
Borrows bread from a child.
The Creator of the cosmos
Receiving in manner mild.

He is a curious kurios who
Trades crown for ignoble death.
The Mouth who animated life
Gasping a final, filial breath.

He is a curious kurios who
Lies in a borrowed tomb.
The unlimited, unbound One
Contained in a rocky room.

He is curious kurios who
Gently folds His grave clothes.
The most significant Sire
Gracing women when he rose.

He is a curious kurios who
Entrusts His cause to humans.
The radiant Light of the World
In us the darkness illumines.

May we never grow tired, bored or ho hum about our Curious Kurios. There is majesty enough in our strangely beautiful and other Messiah to keep us marveling for millennia and more.

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