Longing for a Perfect Home

If I had a dollar for every trip I have taken to Home Depot during the pandemic, I’d be rich. While many businesses are filing for bankruptcy, home improvement stores seem to be understandably thriving. After all, being stuck at home, having extra time on our hands, and the world feeling utterly out of control are a perfect formula for household projects.

Despite countless pandemic projects, our house remains far from the dream home we have in our heads. We’ve painted walls, decluttered closets, rearranged furniture, but still something always seem to be begging for more attention. It doesn’t help that we love watching HGTV where dreams become reality in a tidy thirty-minute timetable.

As much as our family loves a good household project (and by family, I mean my husband and I, as our children often have little to no say in the matter), the finished projects never fully satisfy. There is always another detail we would change, another piece of furniture, another potential layout to try!

Our house projects betray our hearts’ deep desires for a perfect home where order, beauty, and rest exist in perfect balance. We hunger for such a home because we once had one. Adam and Eve were placed in such a home in the lush Garden of Eden by their gracious Creator. Ever since the full-orbed peace that existed there was shattered, we have been trying to find our way back.

Sweat equity does not work for our eternal home. We cannot build or design our way back, no matter how talented or tenacious we are. While this reality is hard to hear, it is the truth that frees us.

Christ has done all. The home with Him for which we long is purchased and paid in full. We are journeying toward the day when the New Heavens and the New Earth will be our permanent address. In the meanwhile, we make homes on this earth to shelter and protect those entrusted to us along the way. These homes may leave much to be desired, but they are only meant to be temporary dwellings.

As I was walking this week, a misshapen bird nest in a tree caught my eye. Initially, my heart mocked the sad attempt at a nest; however, the more I thought about it, the more I grew to appreciate that little nest. While small and uneven, the nest still provided a soft place to rest. While it was not fancy, its woven walls still created sheltering form.

The little nest reminded me to be thankful for my own novice nest. As unfinished as it is, this house is our home until the day when we are nestled into the arms of the Father.

The Novice Nest

Even the novice’s nest,
Offers a place of rest.

With much to be desired,
Still it shelters the tired. 

Unkempt tho’ it appear,
It keeps its children near. 

Your novice nest is His best
Until you rest on His chest.

2 thoughts on “Longing for a Perfect Home

  1. Lee

    Hello, I love your words.
    I wondered if I could possibly quote one of your poems on my instagram page. I absolutely love the one about the self-sufficiency shell. I am a therapist who writes about self-sufficiency on Instagram. I will of course cite you and give a link to your blog. Warm wishes, Lee


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