The Turkey Tremble

Another year, another turkey, another chance to fight to remember the real purpose of hosting….making space for Christ to show up!

Some Turkey trot; I turkey tremble.

I cook for sustenance and health, but I do not consider myself gifted in the culinary department. Yet, upon moving across the country to a city geographically isolated from both sides of our families, the mantle of hosting a large Thanksgiving was prematurely passed on to me.

Three years ago as we were preparing to host our first Thanksgiving, I literally lost sleep for a week. Cooking a turkey feels like a Rite of Passage for women; I clearly was not ready to pass. I did more google searches that week than I had in a long time: thawing a turkey; washing a turkey; what is brining? how long do you cook a turkey? carving a turkey.

I’d like to say that I have gotten the hang of the whole turkey situation, but our fourth year into hosting I still feel the familiar tremors of fear…

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