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A Word to Ministry Moms

Some live the resort life. We live the retreat life. Our children have been raised in the context of full-time vocational ministry. In other words, we are retreat-ists.  In fact, our youngest son to remember his short life based on hotel stays. In  reference to… Read More

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Dandelion Days

The closest thing we get to even the appearance of snow balls during San Diego winters are dandelion globes. I always smile when I see them growing, because they bring back childhood memories of playfully scattering their seeds. However, of late, I have a new… Read More

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Poolside Parenting

In my head, I had a picture of what parenting in the summer looked like. Sitting poolside, reading a book while my children happily swam in a neighborhood pool. None of those things really happened the way I thought. There is no sitting at the… Read More

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Grace at the Edges

I don’t like edges. When we were small, our wild and zany grandmother and her equally brave and brazen sister took all the grandchildren to Niagra Falls. While I loved eating milkshakes for breakfast and being spoiled rotten, I remember cowering in fear at the… Read More