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Poolside Parenting

In my head, I had a picture of what parenting in the summer looked like. Sitting poolside, reading a book while my children happily swam in a neighborhood pool. None of those things really happened the way I thought. There is no sitting at the… Read More

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Grace at the Edges

I don’t like edges. When we were small, our wild and zany grandmother and her equally brave and brazen sister took all the grandchildren to Niagra Falls. While I loved eating milkshakes for breakfast and being spoiled rotten, I remember cowering in fear at the… Read More

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Advertising Adulthood

The way we talk about adulthood flows directly from how we think about adulthood, and both of these matter significantly, not only for ourselves but also for the generations that are following on our heels and being raised in our homes. If newsfeeds and funny… Read More