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The Cry of Caregivers

While every human being longs to be seen and supported, these longings become the clamant need of primary caregivers. In a world that celebrates flashiness over faithfulness, those who sit by bedsides tend to fall to the wayside. In a world that airbrushes to make… Read More

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When I am spent, I find my soul seeking refuge and refreshment in nature. The compounding stress of carlines,  deadlines, and headlines crushes out a fresh sense of wonder and expectancy in my heart. I cannot say it better than the wordsmith Gerard Manley Hopkins… Read More

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Freed to Plead

The Gospel offers more than an eventual entrance into Heaven; rather, it invites us into the life of Trinity.  It is, indeed, marvelously correct that the gospel frees us from the penalty and power of sin;  however, it is lacking. The Gospel also frees us… Read More

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Fitting Feet

‘Tis the season of eagerly awaiting the footfall of the Amazon delivery men and women. ‘Tis the beginning of the season when adults eagerly check the mail, eager to open Christmas cards with glad tidings from their friends and family. Feet of those bringing good… Read More