A Svelt Hippo and a Suffering Savior

Suffering and prospering seem as incongruous as a svelt hippo; yet for the Christian, these two have been wed at the Cross.


A svelt hippo.

If you were reading a book and saw those two words strung together, you would stop and do a double-take as they don’t belong together. Such a strange combination of words produces two very incongruous images in one’s mind.


When studying Isaiah 52 this week, I came across such a svelt hippo.

In this chapter, Isaiah has been announcing to God’s captive people the incredible news of an upcoming exodus out of Babylonian captivity.

Most Old Testament prophecies are three-dimensional, having an historical, a Christological and an eschatological fulfillment (a fancy way of saying a back-then fulfillment, an in-Christ fulfillment and a new-heavens-and-new-earth future fulfillment).

That being said, the first 12 verses of Isaiah 52 describe the historical exodus that God’s people would experience at the permission of Cyrus. However, after that, there is a marked shift from the historical fulfillment to the Christological fulfillment. God, through Isaiah, now begins to describe the better, the…

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