Understated is an Understatement

In an overstated culture prone to hyperbole and hype, the life and death of Jesus is the ultimate understatement. The emanating Creator of an expansive universe limited to a particular time and place. And not just any time and place, but born to a young mother and a blue-collar father who live on the wrong side of town. Can anything good come from Nazareth?

From an earthly perspective and seen from the human plane, Christ’s life and death were the universal understatement; however, from a heavenly perspective and seen from the eternal plane, His life and death can never be overstated. All our attempts at hyperbole and our wildest exaggerations come ridiculously short of their reality.


Today I found myself thinking about the juxtaposition of the understated life and death of Jesus which cannot be overstated.

By sight…
A couple, weary and travel-worn,
In every way nondescript,
Cuddling a fragile newborn,
Their hearts by love gripped.

By Heaven’s Light…
The long-awaited solution
To humanity’s every sigh,
From eternal comfort
Through birth draws night.

By sight…
Ten calloused, clumsy fingers
Following a father’s lead,
Working with splintered wood
’Til his hands begin to bleed.

By Heaven’s Light…
Fulfilling an active obedience,
Despising not the day of small things
Walking in stride with the Father,
Even when the dirge He sings.

By sight…
Exhausted and nearly extinguished,
Hungry for the help of his friends,
His forehead beaded with blood,
As grief his human heart rends.

By Heaven’s Light…
The One to whom homage is due,
Praying prone in a garden space,
Wildly wrestling with His portion,
Crying before the Father’s face.

By sight…
A nobody from nothing Nazareth
Hangs upon the cross of shame,
Crowds gather for the spectacle,
Most don’t even know His name.

By Heaven’s Light…
All Creation reaches its climax
The Perfect Lamb lies on the altar,
But soon Death He shall conquer.
His Kingdom will never falter.




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